Is ANSYS supported on the AMD processor?

ANSYS 6.0 is the first release of ANSYS to be certified on an AMD processor. This version of ANSYS has been tested on a Wallingford AMD dual processor machine using the XP Pro operating system. Prior releases of ANSYS have not been certified, nor are they supported, on the AMD processor.

Q: Is ANSYS supported on the AMD Opteron 64-bit processor?

A: The Windows 64-bit version of ANSYS will not run on AMD 64-bit systems, only Intel 64-bit systems. ANSYS has no plans to do a Windows port for the AMD 64-bit chip.

An additional Linux port of Ansys will be added at ANSYS 9.0. This port will be a native Opteron 64-bit port. The operating system being used at this point is SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.

It is in the early stages and details may change.

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I am intending to by the laptop with AMD Ryzen 2500u CPU with Radeon RX 560x GPU, so would I be able to run ANSYS or not, please help
Jeran, Tue Mar 26, 2019