Linearized stress data is now available in ANSYS 8.1 for BEAM188
and BEAM189, but the results do not appear to be correct. Why?

Defect 22494 was filed and fixed in the UP20040406 build of
ANSYS 9.0. The fix should also be available in the first service
pack for ANSYS 8.1, but this service pack has not been created
as of 8 April, 2004.

In ANSYS 8.1, the linearized stress ETABLE output quantities
(SMISC,31 ... SMISC,50) for BEAM188 and BEAM189 are correct
for only SECDATA beam subtypes: RECT, QUAD, CSOLID, CTUBE,
and ASEC. For other cross sections, where the origin of the cross
section is different from the centroid, the linearized stress output
may be wrong in ANSYS 8.1.

This notice will also appear in the ANSYS 8.1 Errata.


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