I cannot access the NASTRAN to ANSYS translator that is available in
ANSYS FE Modeler 8.0. Does this capability require a special license?

Yes, in ANSYS Workbench 8.0, FE Modeler requires the "Interface for
NASTRAN" license (feature "int4nas"). Namely, when you try to access
the link to a bulk data file:

Start > Programs > ANSYS 8.0 > ANSYS Workbench > Open the
Project Page > Project Tasks: Link to a NASTRAN bulk data file ...

you will be unable to do so, unless you have the license "int4nas".

However, starting in ANSYS Workbench 8.1, FE Modeler will only require
translator licenses to write out the model in non-ANSYS format. You
will be able to read in a NASTRAN bulk data file and write it out into
ANSYS format for free. Likewise, the ABAQUS to ANSYS translation
will be free, but will only be BETA in ANSYS FE Modeler 8.1.


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