What are the units for the constants used to define the Bammann material model in ANSYS/LS-DYNA?

According to the LS-DYNA User's guide, accessible via:

<a target=_blank href="http://www.feainformation.com/m-pdf/struct.pdf">http://www.feainformation.com/m-pdf/struct.pdf</a>http://www.feainformation.com/m-pdf/struct.pdf

TBDATA Symbol IPS MKS Dimensions
1 TI R K T
2 HC R/psi m^2K/N Lt^2T/M
3 C1 psi Pa M/Lt^2
4 C2 R K T
5 C3 psi Pa M/Lt^2
6 C4 R K T
7 C5 1/s 1/s 1/t
8 C6 R K T
9 C7 1/psi m^2/N Lt^2/M
10 C8 R K T
11 C9 psi Pa M/Lt^2
12 C10 R K T
13 C11 1/psi-s m^2/Ns Lt/M
14 C12 R K T
15 C13 1/psi m^2/N Lt^2/M
16 C14 R K T
17 C15 psi Pa M/Lt^2
18 C16 R K T
19 C17 1/psi-s m^2/Ns Lt/M
20 C18 R K T

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