FLUENT 6.2 - Error in Tecplot export file for cases with unstructured meshes and suggested workaround

If users have Unstructured mesh, they will have problems in reading files exported from FLUENT (FLUENT v6.2.16) in Tecplot format (in Tecplot 9.0).

If user tries to open the exported file in Tecplot, they will get the following message in a pop-up Window:
Err:Err: Bad or Missing FE Cell Indices for Cell *

Error Occured on line *** near position
marked with "@" below:
Solution to get rid of this:

--> Open your tecplot export file in some text editor (say VI, GVIM..)

--> In the third line, see the 'ET=QUADRILATERAL' column. This is WRONG. It should be 'TRIANGLE' in 2D and 'TETRAHEDRON' in 3D.

--> Replace this field with 'ET=TRIANGLE' (for 2D/ for a single plane in 3D) or 'ET=TETRAHEDRON' (for 3D). Save this file.

--> Now, this tecplot export file should work fine in Tecplot.

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