When I do a nummrg command on keypoints I get the message:

*** WARNING *** CP= 4.026 TIME= 13:36:55
After NUMMRG,KP, node 140923 (and possibly others) is associated with
more than one solid model entity. Future commands which depend on the
node to solid model connectivity (meshing, mesh clearing, solid BC
transfer, etc.) may not operate properly.

Node 140923 is not associated with any of the keypoints that were merged. However, this node is associated with a hard point. Why am I getting this warning?

The HPTCREATE command description documents the limitations on hardpoints. One limitation is that hardpoints are supposed to be created only after the solid model is complete. Doing a NUMMRG,KP after creating a hardpoint goes against this principle, and appears to be another way to corrupt a database.

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