I want to print an element plot with element-number on. If print on letter size, the numbering would be overlapped, so I want to print on D-size paper.

I selected PlotCtrs>> HardCopy>>>To Printer>>>HP DesignJet755CM, and specify Paper Size as ANSI D-22"x34" and fit the image to this page. I got a plot in letter size showing on an 11" strip of a 36" wide paper roll.

After some experimentation, it appears that hard copy printing to printer directly from ANSYS canot be done in paper size larger than 11x17. If the requested paper size is bigger than this, say size C, D and E etc, the plot will be on letter size. Redirecting the plot to GRPH file and reading that file via DISPLAY, one can have the image hard-copy-printed on large paper size as requested.

Development was unable to determine why DISPLAY can plot to D size, but ANSYS cannot. Because we do not have a D size plotter to test on, and because the customer has a ready workaround using DISPLAY, we will not pursue this issue further.

Another possible workaround might be to redirect the plot to a PostScript file, and then spool that file to the printer, using the PostScript setting for D-size paper. However, we are unable to test this workaround here due to the lack of a D-size plotter.

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