The following error message appears when entering the Material Model portion of the GUI (Main Menu -> Preprocessor -> Materials Props > Material Models)
in ANSYS 8.1 after RESUMing a db file that was created in Release 8.0 of ANSYS:

Unknown entity label ( DMPR ) on the *GET command.
Line= *GET, _UIQR, DMPR, 1, EXIS,

What causes this behavior?

This is reported as defect number 22453 in ANSYS 8.1. It is currently being investigated. The workaround is to do a CDWRITE in ANSYS 8.1, restart 8.1, and then issue a CDREAD. Another option is to avoid using the Material Model GUI with an 8.0 database.

The defect will be addressed in an upcoming 8.1 service pack. The use of MPWRITE and MPREAD does not provide a workaround. This error does not occur in ANSYS Workbench Environment.

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