Customer running ANSYS 8.0 on Windows XP gets the following error in his output:

*** fatal error no. -202 *** subroutine xdslor encountered i/o error
on i/o file no. 20

*** ERROR *** CP= 63.094 TIME= 16:39:15
Input/Output error on unit= 20. Possible full disk.

The customer had 21GB free disk space.

What is causing this error?

This was a defect that only seemed to happen on the PC platform, and only seemed to occur when the -m setting was relatively large. In 8.0, in the ordering phase we write/read the .LN20 file with one large I/O write/read and it appeared that the system was not properly buffering this I/O. We fixed this early in the 8.1 development cycle by splitting the large write/read into many smaller-sized write/reads.

The best solution is to either decrease to a smaller -m setting, upgrade to ANSYS v8.1, or run on a different OS.

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