FIDAP 8.7 - Workaround for the error "The dynamic library HCLGLX.dll cannot be found in the path specified" when launching older versions of FIDAP on the Windows platform after V8.7.4 is installed

When trying to run a previous version of Fidap using the -v flag after you install Fidap 8.7.4 you receive an error that the dynamic library HCLGLX.dll cannot be found in the path specified.

This error is due to the change in the location of the Exceed libraries in 8.7.4. These files are now in the Fidap8.7.4 directory tree. Previously they were in the Fluent.Incntbinntx86.
Reinstall Fidap 8.7.2 to another location. Set the Fluent.Inc path to that location. Choose the Start button, Programs, Fluent.Inc Products, Fidap 8.7.2, Set Environment. Choose Yes to Modify.

Note: In order to run version 8.7.4 you will need to reset the path or create batch files that will allow you to run both versions without resetting the paths each time. If you need assistance writing batch files please email: and mention this Solution number.

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