When using DesignModeler, I need to imprint a sketch onto two surfaces of different curvatures, but it does not seem to work for both with the 'surfaces' option. It fails for the 'faces' option. Why is this?

In this case the sketch was outside the bounds of the curved surfaces. When you use the imprint faces option using the 'to next' or 'to faces' option, the sketch needs to be contained within the bounds of the body it is trying to imprint. The 'to next' option may partially succeed but will display the following warning if you right-click on the extrusion object in the tree:

"Warning: Extrusion extent for one or more of the profiles failed. To Next extent changed to Through All Context".

In this case all the surfaces were split and virtual topology had to be used to clean up the geometry inside Simulation.

With the 'surfaces' option the behaviour is different. Firstly you can only select one surface. That surface is then 'extended' using the curvature of that surface. So for one of the surfaces, the curvature was such that sketch is contained within the bounds of the projected surface - therefore it worked. For the other surface the curvature was tighter and this meant that the extended surface did not project beyond the sketch - therefore it failed.

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