When a low frequency electromagnetic model containing components that was saved at release 6.0 is solved and postprocessed (using FMAGSUM.MAC) at release 8.0/8.1, numerous "nuisance" error messages are issued: Some of these are listed below:

*** ERROR *** CP= 27.339 TIME= 14:40:18
No dimensions set for parameter= _S_CMPN.

*** ERROR *** CP= 27.429 TIME= 14:40:33
The above error occurred processing field= _S_CMPN(1,_ICOM)
Line= *SET,_cmpn(1,_icom), (_s_cmpn(1,_icom)).

These messages are repeated many times while FMAGSUM processes. This error does NOT occur at 7.11C1 (Release 7.11C1 UP20030709).

Why does this happen and is there a workaround?

A change was made in ANSYS 8.0 to allow 32 character names for components used in the command fields for FMAGBC (also, see ONYX #18144).
When resuming older database files, before issuing FMAGSUM in POST1, the user must reissue the proper FMAGBC command.

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