I encounter a problem when trying to import a Parasolids file. The import "Failed to process."
What causes this error?

This error can occur when you do not have the P_SCHEMA environment variable set. Please see the ANSYS 8.0 Connection Guide, Section B.5.1. The following description applies in this case:

Failed to process.

Schema keys are missing. Check the installation. Schema keys should be found in /ansys_inc/v80/ansys/ac4/schema (UNIX) or in drive:Program FilesAnsys IncV80ANSYSac4schema (Windows). On Windows machines, the P_SCHEMA environment variable must be set to drive:Program FilesAnsys IncV80ANSYSac4schema

In this case, the problem apparently arose when deleting other ANSYS installations, after installing ANSYS 8.0. The environment variable may have been deleted when an ANSYS revision was removed. You (or your system administrator) will have to set up the environment variable, P_SCHEMA, as noted above.

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