I have installed a license.dat file (which has Windows-stle line endings). It uses the ANSYS License daemon. The machine is dual boot - Linux and Windows. I can run ICEMCFD4.CFX in Windows mode, but I have problems getting ICEMCFD4.CFX to run in Linux mode. I get a 'lmstat failure' when I try to check the status in the ANSYS License Manager. I have checked that he has the ANSYS license daemon running.

The lmstat failure from the ANSYS license manager may sometimes be caused when a user installed a license.dat file with Windows-style line endings on a UNIX box.
Check a file that is called ansyslmd.ini which is in the directory: ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing
Change into this directory and issue the following command: od -c ansyslmd.ini

User sent the folowing output:
00000 SERVER=1055r@cea
00020 c251n

This shows that the license server information has become corrupted. The characters after the = sign should say 1055ceac251 not as reported.
It could happen when a license.dat file with Windows-style line endings is installed on a UNIX box.

The workaround is to bring up the ANSYS license manager (Start|Programs|ANSYS Flexlm License Manager|ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility) Select 'Specify the license server', click on OK. Then you will see a line in the large middle area, indicating the server. You need to manually delete and recreate the line corresponding to the license server. i.e. select the line, then Use the Delete selected Server, then Add Server Specification and type: 1055@ceac251

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