MIXSIM 2.0 - Meshing operation fails with a relocation error from GAMBIT on SuSE 9.1 LINUX platform

MIXSIM 2.0 has a built-in version of GAMBIT to handle meshing operations.
On Linux; SuSE 9.1, and probably other recent Linux versions,
the built-in GAMBIT version doesn't start (same with stand-alone standard Gambit 2.0.4...!) and spits out the following error message in text console:
.../lnx86/gambit: relocation error: .../lnx86/P.so: symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference
To workaround this, use the following environment variable setting:
(t)csh: setenv LD_ASSUME_KERNEL 2.4.27
bash: export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.27

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