Why do I get the warning below when combining cdb files in ANSYS 7.1?

*** WARNING *** CP= 1.844 TIME= 09:45:48

This ANSYS data base has both Smooth and Web based Data. There are
possible problems with using this data.

In ANSYS 5.4 we introduced some defeaturing tools which required that
the geometry be represented by a faceted surface. This has also
been called micro-topology and web-based geometry. I believe for
one or two releases IGESIN used this form of geometry as the
default. Unfortunately this geometry representation is somewhat
incompatible with nurbs-based or smooth geometry and combining them has
resulted in corrupted databases and boolean failures. That is why
we created that warning message, so that users would be aware that
they might not be able to do much additional solid modeling with
such a model.

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