WINDOWS - XIO: fatal IO error 10054 (Winsock Error) on X server

When trying to launch Gambit 2.2.30, Exceed 9.0 starts up but gives the following error and Gambit fails to launch.

XIO: fatal IO error 10054 (Winsock Error) on X server "Computer_Name:0.0"
after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

You can determine which video card and driver are installed by using the resolution below. You may need to upgrade your video driver.

Update the Video Card driver.

To determine your video card and driver version do the following:

Windows 2000/XP

1. Open up Control Panel
2. Display
3. Settings
4. Advanced
5. Adapter (this will tell you what video card you are using)
6. Properties
7. Driver (this will tell you what driver version you are using)

If the date of the driver is a year or more old then visit the manufacturers website and download and install the latest driver.

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