When performing an action in Workbench by clicking the RMB, the program responds very slowly. It takes about 12 to 20 seconds before the action takes place. This also happens when opening a model. Other programs respond normally without delay. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

Reports of slow RMB response have been linked with license-installation problems. In each case, the problem was solved by the customer's IT department. Here are explanations that we received for some representative cases:

Case 1: We discovered that the problem was caused when both ANSYS 6.1 and DesignSpace 7 were installed on the same PC. ANSYS does not need to be running for the problem to occur. This problem did not occur when we used ANSYS 6.1 with DesignSpace 6.

The problem lies within the environment variable ANSYSLIC_DIR. We do not install ANSYS locally on the PC. We use a single, network load point, and only configure it for the PC (using ANSYS's configuration tool). Because of this install method, ANSYSLIC_DIR points to a network location. In our case, this is: as720thirdsasishared_fileslicensing. For DesignSpace, ANSYSLIC_DIR defaults to C:Program FilesAnsys IncShared FilesLicensing. We made sure that both locations had valid, identical license info.

If ANSYS is configured first, ANSYSLIC_DIR becomes as720thirdsasishared_fileslicensing. However, installing DesignSpace won't change/override it. But, if DesignSpace is installed first, the later ANSYS configure will reset ANSYSLIC_DIR. Therefore, ANSYSLIC_DIR always ends up to be as720thirdsasishared_fileslicensing.

I forcibly changed ANSYSLIC_DIR to be C:Program FilesAnsys IncShared FilesLicensing. All is working well now.

Both license locations have an identical ansyslmd.ini file, pointing to the same license server. We don't know why this behavior did not occur with DesignSpace 6. Nor do we understand why the licensing would affect theuse of the right-click mouse button, especially since the license had already been aquired at the start of the session.

Case 2: This turned out to be a licensing issue. They are not using the default port for licensing. However, when they upgraded to 7.1 the installer did not know thisand configured the clients to the default port. They have conflicting ports defined and FlexLM was not finding and reporting all available licenses on the slow machine. The fast machine had no port conflicts. I had them make all references reflect their port number(ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE and the winhostid.ini file) which resolved the problem.

Case 3: The customer had 3 license servers mentioned in the ansyslmd.ini file. For one of them, the translation to the ip address was invalid. When only the machine that contained the license was present in the ansyslmd.ini file the delay was no longer there.

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