FLUENT 6.2: You must include the library name when executing UDFs via the text user interface

To call UDFs from the text user interface (TUI) in FLUENT 6.2, you must alter slightly the function name. For example, the following procedure to call the EXECUTE_ON_DEMAND function works fine in FLUENT 6.1:

- build the library
- load the case file
- execute the following command in the text user interface: /def/ud/eod "cell_count"

If this procedure is used in FLUENT 6.2, it produces the following error:

Error: chip-exec: function "cell_count" not found.
For compiled UDFs, FLUENT 6.2 supports multiple shared libraries. Note that compiled UDFs are displayed in FLUENT user interface panels with the associated UDF library name separated by two colons (::). For example, a compiled UDF named 'rrate' that is associated with a shared library named 'libudf' would appear in the FLUENT panels as rrate::libudf.

For the example cited above, if the shared library is called "libudf", you must use "cell_count::libudf" instead of "cell_count" in the text interface command in FLUENT 6.2. That is,

/def/ud/eod "cell_count::libudf"

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