Why are ANSYS 7.0 thermal results so much different from ANSYS 6.1 when
radiosity and convection are used on the same surface?

ANSYS6.1: MIN Temp:25,MAX Temp:123
ANSYS7.0: MIN Temp:25,MAX Temp:92

The maximum temperature at 8.1 is again 123 degs.

This is Defect 19186, fixed in 8.1. There was an error when radiation and convection were applied to the same surface.
In 6.1, radiosity method was treated as only a load vector for the thermal problem. In 7.0 we changed the algorithm
to make the solver more robust, so it had contributions to both K matrix and the load vector. This introduced a bug
in 7.0, which is now fixed in 8.1.

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