Is it possible to generate a response spectrum in ANSYS 8.1 directly
from a array parameter of acceleration vs. time without having a model?

You have to create at least one dummy node, but otherwise the input
below creates a response spectrum from array parameters.

! creation of a response spectrum from a time history stored in
! array parameters var1 (time) and var2 (data) the array parameter
! freq contains the frequencies to be computed

*dim,var1,,20 ! store input in 2 array parameters
! time points of time-history (could *VREAD)
*vfil,var2(1),ramp,0,0 ! data of time-history (could *VREAD)
var2(10)=1 ! create impulse time history - should produce
! flat unit spectrum
*vfil,freq(1),ramp,5,1 ! frequencies 5, 6, ... , 34


/prep7 ! make a dummy model

store,alloc,30 ! allocate the number of time points
vput,var1(1),1 ! vput the array parameters into post26 variables
prvar,2,4 ! variable 4 vs 2 is the response spectrum


Here is an example I created. I did have to create one node
to make it work.

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