Setting up an ANSYS Client Machine to Access the License Server

1. Run the ANSYS License Manager Setup. If you have not downloaded the latest license manager software then go to this link and download the ANSYS FLEXlm License Manager . This contains the same files as the /LicenseSetup directory.

2. When asked if the machine is a license server, choose ` No `.

3. You will then be asked if you would like to continue to configure as a client machine, choose `Yes`.

4. You will be asked for a port #. Leave it at port 1055 unless you have changed the port number in your license.dat file.

5. Choose 1 or 3 three servers depending on your setup. Check with your Systems Administrator if you are not sure.

6. Input the hostname(s) of the license server(s).

7. Setup will finish.

NOTE: You can change the server specification later, if necessary, by using the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility.

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