Launching FLUENT Using the Launcher

MSMPI (Microsoft MPI and the Microsoft Job Scheduler)

The Fluent.Inc Path should reflect the UNC network path format. If your environment is set up correctly as outlined in the Configuring FLUENT Network Parallel - FLUENT 6.3 document then this path will automatically be filled in correctly. If it is not check your environment and restart the launcher.

1. Open up Windows Explorer and browse to the Fluent.IncFluent6.3.26launcher directory and double-click on launcher.exe.

2. Choose the Release version of FLUENT, Number of Processors, Architecture, msmpi,Version. Check Microsoft Job Scheduler, Working Folder and any other options, for example, a Journal file, etc.

3. Choose Launch.
FLUENT will launch with the following output in the FLUENT window.

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