X server for Win32 has encountered a problem and needs to close (Windows XP Error)

When trying to open up GAMBIT or FIDAP, the above error message appears and GAMBIT or FIDAP will not start up. This problem can occur if you are using a Spaceball mouse or another input device not supported by Hummingbird.

*Resolution 1*
1.If you are using Hummingbird Exceed version 11 you will need to download and install the latest Hummingbird Exceed patches (see Related Solution 2019278).
2.If you are not using Hummingbird Exceed version 11 uninstall your existing version and download version 11 with the patches.

*Resolution 2*
Disable XInputExtension:
1.Start, Programs, Hummingbird Connectivity 2006, Exceed Tools, XConfig.
2.Choose the X Server Protocol
3.Choose the Extensions tab
4.In the "Enable Extensions" column, deselect the XInputExtension option.

What is the significance of having XInputExtensions disabled?
When "XInputExtension" is enabled in Xconfig, Exceed will check the computer's COM ports to see what Xinput devices are attached in order to communicate with the device. However, if the COM port is occupied by a non-Xinput device (ie. a printer), the communication process goes into a dead loop and Exceed will hang.
There is nothing that can be done as Exceed needs to query the COM ports for an Xinput device. The only solution is to ensure that only Xinput devices are connected to the COM port or to disable XInputExtension.

If doing the above does not resolve the issue, please email Installation Support and include a copy of your environment variables. See Related Solution 2019336 for directions.

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