Launching FLUENT 6.3.xx using the ANSYS License Manager

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Launching FLUENT 6.3.xx using the ANSYS License Manager

Problem Description: You have an ANSYS license file and you want to run FLUENT 6.3.xx. You will need to download the FLUENT 6.3.xx license patch from the FLUENT User Services Center.

Downloading the Fluent 6.3 License Patch


1. Login to the Fluent User Services Center ( <a target=_blank href=""></a> )

2. Under the " Services " section choose " Download Legacy Fluent Software ".

3. Choose FLUENT 6.3 under Latest Downloads

4. AGREE to the License Terms.

5. Choose the correct platform from the ` Platform List `

6. Choose ` License Service Pack ` to download. The README will be emailed to you with Installation Instructions or you can follow the instructions below.

7. Install the License Service pack in the same directory that Fluent 6.3 is installed in, for example, C:Fluent.Inc or on Linux-UNIX `/Fluent.Inc
( DO NOT install in C:Fluent.IncFluent6.3.26 or `/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26 )

8. Set the ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE variable to 1055@ license_server_name . (Where license_server_name is the actual host name of the license server) If you do not know how to set environment variables on your platform please see your system administrator.

Launching FLUENT 6.3.26

In order to launch FLUENT 6.3.26 to use the ANSYS License Manager you must use the following flag when starting up FLUENT 6.3.26, -ansys

FLUENT 6.3.26 will run on the ANSYS License Manager using the following features:

ANSYS CFD (acfd)
ANSYS CFD Solver (acfd_solver)
ANSYS FLUENT (acfd_fluent)
ANSYS FLUENT Solver (acfd_fluent_solver)
FLUENT Post (acfd_preppost)
ANSYS CFD HPC (acfd_par_proc)
ANSYS FLUENT V2F Module (acfd_v2f)
ANSYS FLUENT PEM Fuel Cell Module (acfd_fcell)
ANSYS FLUENT SOFC Fuel Cell Module (acfd_fcell)
ANSYS CFD MHD (acfd_mhd)

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