EXCEED - Errors/Resolutions

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are getting any errors with Exceed the first thing to try is installing the latest Hummingbird Exceed Patches for version 11, Hummingbird Exceed 11 Patches (see Related Solution 2019278), and see if that resolves the issues. If not proceed through the list below of errors and possible resolutions.

Application Error when Launching Exceed (Related Solution 2019317)

Creating a Hummingbird Exceed MST installer to include the Product License Key Code (Related Solution 2019315)

Exceed.exe has generated errors and will write a log file (Related Solution 2020177)

Exceed and Firewalls (Related Solution 2019796)

Exceed Splash Screen Opens but never Launches (Related Solution 2019390)

Fatal error: Unable to access USER directory (Related Solution 2019377)

Gambit failed in locating Exceed Installation on your System - Error Message (Related Solution 2019293)

Unable to find Exceed XServer (Related Solution 2019337)

Unable to open display (Related Solution 2019314)

Unable to open Display (Exceed 2006) (Related Solution 2019963)

X server for Win32 has encountered a problem and needs to close (Related Solution 2019965)

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