How to read Catia v5 files into ICEM CFD

The only official path for an orphan CATIA V5 file into ICEM CFD is thru workbench geometry readers with a Catia V5 geometry interface.

There are two CATIA V5 Workbench readers. The first one, the CATIA V5 interface, is just a one way reader. It only requires a CATIA V5 interface key to work. The other interface is the CADNEXUS/CAPRI CAE Gateway for CATIA V5. The CAPRI interface is the BiDirectional one that gives advantages with WB, but there is no advantage to ICEM CFD users (both work similarly at the moment).

First, you must have Workbench installed, including the Catia V5 interface.

Within ICEM CFD, go to File =>Workbench Readers

"Workbench Readers` brings up a dialog box that allows you to access any of the readers that you have licenses for.

CAD File (Catia, UG, etc) (*.sat, *.x_t, *.dsdb, *.stp, *.step, *.igs, *.CATPart, *.ps, *.prt, *.prt*, *.sldprt, *.asm, *.agdb, *.model, *.par)

Highlight the part you want and click `OPEN`. The file is converted to ICEM CFD Tetin format in the background.

NOTE: ICEM CFD 13.0 includes the Workbench Base3 with its install... Older versions needed to install workbench separately.

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