The ANSYS 13.0/13.0SP2 CAD Configuration Manager will not recognize that Autodesk Inventor 2012 is installed on a Windows computer.

Autodesk Inventor 2012 is not officially supported for ANSYS 13.0/13.0SP2. However, it can be made to work by manually configuring the ANSYS plugin into Autodesk Inventor 2012 using the following procedure and files.

1. If your OS is Windows 64-bit:

Create a .bat file called reg130IntoInventor2012_x64.bat containing:

@echo on
%SYSTEMROOT%System32regsvr32.exe "%AWP_ROOT130%AISOLCADIntegrationinventorwinx64DSPluginAI2010COM.dll"
"%AWP_ROOT130%FrameworkbinWin64AnsRegSvr32.exe" /t "%AWP_ROOT130%AISOLCADIntegrationinventorwinx64DSPluginAI2010COM.dll"

and run as administrator.

2. If your OS is Windows 32-bit:

Create a .bat file called reg130IntoInventor2012_x32.bat containing:

@echo on
%SYSTEMROOT%System32regsvr32.exe "%AWP_ROOT130%AISOLCADIntegrationinventorintelDSPluginAI2010COM.dll"
"%AWP_ROOT130%FrameworkbinWin32AnsRegSvr32.exe" /t "%AWP_ROOT130%AISOLCADIntegrationinventorintelDSPluginAI2010COM.dll"

and run as Administrator.

3. Copy the file Inventor.Software.XML file (attached to this solution) into

4. Rename the %APPDATA%ansysv130 folder to %APPDATA%Ansysv130_old to use the default preferences:

Select Start > Run and enter: %APPDATA%
An Explorer Window will open.
Open the Ansys folder and rename the v130 folder to v130_old.

5. Start Autodesk Inventor 2012 and test the ANSYS13.0 plugin mode.

6. Start Workbench and test the Autodesk Inventor 2012 file Reader mode.

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