ANSYS 13.0 and SpaceClaim 7 are installed on a Windows 7 platform. When trying to import a SpaceClaim file into Workbench, SpaceClaim does not appear as a selection option when selecting Import Geometry in Workbench.

There is a bug in the ANSYS 13.0 original release which resulted in no SpaceClaim import option being shown if the system did not have a current DesignModeler license. It is fixed in ANSYS 13.0 SP2.

The resolution is to uninstall SpaceClaim, install ANSYS 13.0 SP2 then reinstall SpaceClaim.

Until you have installed ANSYS 13.0 SP2, a possible workaround would be to open/create the model directly in SpaceClaim, save the geometry and while SpaceCaim is still open, launch ANSYS Workbench 13.0. Create an analysis or component system, right mouse click the geometry cell and choose Import geometry, the open SpaceClaim file should appear in the list.

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