Uising the remote solve capability between two machines with SIwave v5.0.1 installed gives the error:

Remote SIwave simulation server version (5.0.0) does not match SIwave version (5.0.1) running on client.

The SIwave v5.0.1 patch seems to have failed to update the version number of the siwave_rs.exe executable.

The error message is occurring because there is a defect in patch version 5.0.1; the siwave_rs.exe was not included in the patch.

It has been reported and investigated as Defect DE16207.


1) Completely remove SIwave 5.0.1 and reinstall the original SIwave 5.0 without the update.

2) Update to SiWave 6.

[At time of writing we are at preview 4 which can be downloaded from the Ansoft page whose login page is at <a target=_blank href="http://www.ansoft.com/preview/login.cfm">http://www.ansoft.com/preview/login.cfm</a>http://www.ansoft.com/preview/login.cfm if you have been given login details].

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