Ansoft menu not appearing/missing from Cadence Allegro

`Make sure SI_INTEGRATE_4 env variable points to correct location of integrate4 folder.
Example: C:Program FilesANSOFTECADTranslators6.0WindowsLayoutIntegrations

`Make sure ANSLINKS_INSTALL_DIR env variable points to correct location of AnsoftLinks binaries.
Example: C:Program FilesANSOFTAnsoftLinks6.0Windows

`Look for any messages in Cadence window when you launch APD/Allegro
`ANSYS contecxt file version 6.93 (May 4, 2011)
`ANSYS functions initialized.
`APDLinks functions initialized from cxt.
`Loading axlcore.cxt

`Cadence Version
`Must run full version of Cadence APD, SiP or Allegro
`Is it a Viewer Only? (not supported)

`Check if Skill is supported
`Type `skill` in Cadence prompt and hit enter. If you see the command prompt change to SKILL> it`s supported (good). Type `exit` to exit the skill prompt.

`Location of pcbenv folder
`echo $localenv in Cadence prompt
`How many pcbenv folders exist?
If more than one pcbenv, it means thed most critical step during integration installations was skipped (did not check correct pcbenv location using echo command in Cadence)
`Verify that the pcbenv directory contains allegro.ilinit and/or apd.ilinit files and a file called env.
If not - run ecad translator setup, choose remove, run again, only select cadence.

`Is it on a local drive or network drive?
Q: What can be concluded if so?
A: multiple pcbenv folders when they need only one, usually a local one where Cadence is installed.

`Make sure integrate4 folder exists
Example Location: C:Program FilesANSOFTECADTranslators6.0WindowsLayoutIntegrations

`It contains contecxt (.cxt) files (File is called anslinks.cxt)
Q: What action to take if this/these are missing?
A: Reinstall ECAD Integration by removing it first then a fresh new install and point to correct pcbenv folder

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