FLEXlm Error -9

The host ID specified in the license file does not match the hostid on which the application is running.

If you are using a local hardware key, it may not be properly connected. If you are using a network license, check with your system administrator. (FLEXlm Error -9).

This issue is related to using a "Node Locked Dongle License" on a 64-bit OS.
Recommended solution is to convert the node-locked license to floating.

This issue affects older versions of EBU products such as HFSS 10 and Simplorer 7.

It also affects 64-bit products released in December 2011. This includes HFSS 14.0, Maxwell 15.0, Simplorer 10.0.

Patches released March 2012 provided a resolution for the December 2011 releases.

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