ANSYS 14 Remote Solve Manager (RSM) Error Message When Specifying CCL in the CFX Solver Arguments

In the release version of ANSYS 14, if the Remote Solve Manager (RSM) is used to submit a CFX model that requires a CFX Command Language (CCL) file specified through the CFX Solver Arguments, an error will occur. The error is displayed in the RSM GUI message window stating that the CCL file does not exist. To avoid this error, the CCL may be read into CFX-Pre via the Command Editor prior to submitting the job to the RSM. The following steps outline this approach:

1.) In the WorkBench Project Schematic, highlight the Setup cell in the CFX block using the left mouse button (LMB). Click the right mouse button (RMB) and select Edit in the pop-up menu. CFX-Pre will open.

2.) In CFX-Pre, use the LMB to highlight the section in the outline tree where the CCL is to be added. With the RMB, select `Edit in Command Editor` in the pop-up menu. This will display the CCL in the Command Editor.

3.) Copy and paste the CCL from the text file into the Command Editor. See section 37.1 `Using the Command Editor` in the CFX documentation for further details. Select `Process` and `Close` in the Command Editor.

4.) In certain cases, such as adding CCL to enable modeling orthotropic conductivity, CFX-Pre may display error messages related to the inserted CCL. These may be ignored by selecting an error message with the LMB, then use the RMB and select `Suppress all messages` from the pop-up menu.

5.) Close CFX-Pre. Submit the CFX job through the RSM.

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