Why did my WB Mechanical PSD run become much slower at 13.0?

We have two ways of computing PSD stresses:
Fast way: Compute stresses in the modal, write them to file.mode and then combine in the PSD
Slow Way: Expand the stresses in the PSD analysis.

I'm guessing that you used the fast way in 12.1 and the slow way in 13.0.

Under analysis settings > output controls > Store Modal Results. (This will only visible if stress/strains had been requested) there are two options:
1) No : This will issue mxpand,,,,yes,,no in modal analysis. This means expand element results for stress/strains, but not write them to file.mode (Slow way.)
2) For Future Analysis: This will issue mxpand,,,,yes,,yes in modal analysis (Fast way.)

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