Does graphical displacement scaling apply to rigid bodies?

For flexible bodies, true scaling is often not helpful because these bodies may not displace visually in true scale.

For rigid bodies, the movement is a function of
(1) displacements ux, uy, uz and
(2) Euler angle rotations THXY, THYZ, THXZ

We haven't come up with a good scheme to scale both (ux, uy, uz) and Euler angles by a common factor that would emulate /DSCALE,Window,Factor. So, the only scaling that currently makes sense in Mechanical is true scaling for rigid bodies.

If you chooses true scale, the rigid bodies will move realistically but the flexible bodies will not move discernibly.
If you choose AUTO scale, the flexible bodies will move in an informative fashion but the rigid bodies will move in a bizarre way.

We know that we must improve the scaling algorithm for rigid bodies. We need to research how to make scaling a function of (ux, uy, uz) and (THXY, THYZ, THXZ).

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