Why is WB Mechanical aborting when I try to display seqv on this cyclic model? (I have visual expansion turned off.)

The limit you are hitting is on the maximum signed 32 bit integer value. Based on the calculation below, 9000 elements is probably the maximum for a 240 sector model.

The problem occurs because at some point in the code we are trying to allocate N bytes where

N = numE * numNodesPerElement * m_nComp * sizeof(double),

where numE is the number of elements (details from the mesh, 28400 in our case) multiplied by the number of sectors (240 in our case) => 6,816,000
numNodesPerElement = number of nodes per element, 20 for us (the shell element is expanded to a 20 node element)
m_nComp is the number of components, 6 for us
sizeof(double) is 8.

The total is 6,543,360,000 which is bigger that 4,294,967,296 (UINT_MAX = 2^32), the maximum value that can be passed as parameter to the alloc.

So, doing the computation back and using for safety INT_MAX (2^32 -1), we can allow for this case a mesh with no more than (2^32-1)/240/20/6/8 = approx 9320 elements.

In general, at present we can support no more than:
(2^32-1)/num_sectors/num_nodes_per_element/6/8 elements.

The error was reported in defect 19001 and is scheduled to be fixed in 14.5.

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