Why am I getting the error message below?

allocate failed idbptr= 12885491792 nPageInCore=131072 -db -8192 set

Following this is a message "Page file used", followed by a SIG$SEGV error.

Starting in 13.0 the database grows memory dynamically as needed. Prior to 13.0, when the database exceeded the memory allocated for it at the start of the run, it would spill over to file.page in the working directory. Starting at 13.0 the solver instead tries to allocate additional memory for the database. If the additional memory isn't available it then writes it to file.page as before, but in some cases hits a defect in 13.0 and 14.0 which generates these error messages.

This defect is fixed in 14.5. The workaround is to fix the memory allocation for the database by setting -db to a negative number. Note that the Launcher doesn't allow specifying a negative number, nor does the WB Mechanical Solver Process Settings GUI. It has to be done from the command line or with command line arguments in WB Mechanical. You can use Tools in the Launcher to generate the command line and then cut and paste into a DOS window.

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