Why does AnsRegSvr.exe return the disk signature as the FLEXlm HostID?

With the availability of ANSYS Release 14.0 in early December 2011, ANSYS has changed the default hostID type returned by the AnsRegSvr.exe utility to be the disk signature (Type D).

Previous versions of the AnsRegSvr.exe utility used the MAC Address as the preferred hostID type (Type E). Please note that this change does not impact your existing license file, or the ability to run products you have already licensed.

This change will only be noticed when you use the new AnsRegSvr.exe utility to provide updated hostID information to ANSYS when you are either renewing or purchasing a new license file, or if you are using the new AnsRegSvr.exe to verify your existing HostID info.

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