How to get deformed geometry of line bodies into ANSYS Mechanical?

FE Modeler cannot be used to create deformed geometry of Line Bodies, but FE Modeler can be used for creating deformed geometries of Surface and Solid Bodies

You can use APDL Command Snippets to create a deformed geometry of Line Bodies. In the attached MECHDAT file, there is a command object under "Solution" branch. The command object does the following

* Select all the Beam Elements (BEAM188/189)
* Update the nodal locations of these beam elements based upon the displacement of last loadstep
* Select each beam element and the 2 nodes of that element
* Create 2 KEYPOINTs at the 2 nodal locations
* Create a LINE between the 2 keypoints
* Repeat the above steps for all the beam elements
* Write out an IGES file of all the LINEs created, which is the deformed geometry. The IGES file named "Deformed_model" will be saved in the Working directory

Make sure /UNITS command uses the right units of the model.

UDFs, Macros, User Programmable Functions, Command Snippets are lightly test for the product version they were create. These examples are provided to help our Customers and may not be updated or supported.

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