It seems that the Anisotropic elasticity sample, delivered under "General materials>Silicon Anisotropic" in WB v14 cannot be used.

This is a defect in R14.0. (Defect report CR03129) No material data is actually being saved to the mechdat file. The defect has been corrected for R14.5.

One workaround in R14 is to turn off Nonlinear Effects in the details window of the solid assigned to this material.

Alternatively, if user needs to keep nonlinear effects ON for stress stiffening effects, he can insert a command object beneath the part with the following commands:


These commands will give him the same properties as the sample 'silicon anisotropic' available in the "Engineering Data Resources" and will work in R14 and previous releases. Refer to the documentation on TB and TBDATA commands for proper syntax descriptions and what all his options are.

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