KNOWN ISSUE: Performing mesh modifications in CFX-Pre within Workbench may lead to problems when updating the Setup cell

If any mesh modifications (such as renaming, glue/unglue, delete) or mesh transformations are performed on a mesh supplied to CFX-Pre by a Mesh cell in Workbench, and subsequently the mesh/geometry is changed and the Setup cell is updated, then sometimes the mesh in CFX-Pre is not updated, even though the Setup cell appears to be up-to-date.

During a refresh of upstream mesh data, CFX-Pre will require that the same series of mesh modifications and transformations on the new mesh are successfully reapplied. If any of these transformations fail (possibly due to topological changes, or changes to regions and named selections the transformations operate on), CFX-Pre will issue an error message, and revert to the previous mesh data. Workbench will report the error as an "Application Error" during the mesh refresh. However, the project schematic state for the Setup cell will indicate that the refresh was done successfully by being marked as Up-to-date.

To correct this mesh refresh error, the geometry or mesh changes that caused the error should be reverted, or (if possible) the Mesh cell should be disconnected and the Setup cell refreshed again before reconnecting the Mesh cell.

If any mesh modifications areperformed within CFX-Pre in Workbench on meshes provided by the project schematic, any further changes to the Mesh and Geometry cells providing these meshes should be minimized or avoided.

No fix is currently available.

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