In WB-Mechanical, if you scope a convection load to a whole body, all the faces are convecting. What happens on surfaces that also have a thermal contact relationship and are in a closed condition? Is the convection deactivated at these locations?

No. When you define surface convection to the environment, WB-Mechanical meshes all these surfaces with SURF152 elements. At locations that have closed contact, convection heat transfer still takes place to the "environment" as well as conduction across the contact boundary. If you applied convection directly to the contact elements with SFE command, then the convection only occurs if contact element is in open status. But in this case, convection load is applied to SURF152 elements and SURF152 element is not talking to the contact.

If you don't want convection on specific contacting surfaces, you must unselect the surfaces involving the contact.

The best way to do this is with a named selection. Use RMB to select all the surfaces on the part and then, before clicking "apply", Use Crtrl and left mouse button to unselect the individual surface(s) that you do not want to be part of the convection.

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