When trying to load Workbench 14 you receive the error:

Failed to connect to remote job manager. The job manager "localhost" is an invalid name or has not been configured.

If you are not running on a MS Compute Cluster then the problem is that you cannot ping localhost. Release R14 is more sensitive to network issues.

Open a Command Prompt and type: ping localhost

If you get an error, edit your C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts file so that localhost is not commented out. At best it should read: localhost

You may also need to comment out any IPV6 information.

If you're running on a MS Compute Clusters with NAT enabled, Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem with NAT and is working on a resolution.

If you cannot resolve this with localhost, I have attached a new .dll file that will correct this issue.

Rename the original file located in C:Program FilesAnsys Incv140RSBbin and copy this new .dll file into this same directory.

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I'm facing exactly the same issu, i'm using a cluster. Could you give a link for the dll download please?
Thank you !!!
Clément, Tue Oct 16, 2012