How can I control the order in which licenses are checked out? For example, I would like to use my ANSYS HPC licenses first, and reserve my ANSYS HPC Pack license for my largest jobs.

The order in which licenses are checked out is controlled locally by the License Preferences dialog in the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility.

The site-wide order in which licensed products are checked out is controlled by the Specify Product Order dialog in the Server ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility.

These license preferences are discussed in detail in ANSYS Help. The strings below can be pasted into the Path field of ANSYS Help, which will bring you to the relevant section. Excerpts from these sections are repeated below.

Local (User) license preferences:

// Installation and Licensing Documentation // ANSYS, Inc. Licensing Guide // 4. End-User Settings // 4.2. Establishing User Licensing Preferences

Before running ANSYS, Inc. products, you should establish your licensing preferences, especially if you have multiple licenses at your site. Use the Set License Preferences for User option of the
ANSLIC_ADMIN utility or choose Start> All Programs> ANSYS 14.0> ANSYS Client Licensing> User License Preferences 14.0 to set your own licensing preferences. Preferences specified with this option apply
only to you and will not affect other users at your site.

You can use this option to review the licenses available, prioritize the licenses, and establish which licenses you will use. When you select this option, a dialog box opens. All licenses available to you on your license server machine(s) are shown under the appropriate tab:


You control the order in which the system attempts to check-out a license by moving the licenses up and down in the list using the Move Up or Move Down buttons. When you open an application, the license manager attempts to check-out the license listed first in the list. If unable to check-out that license, then the license manager attempts to check out the next license in the list that can be used by the application. The license manager will continue through the list until an available license is found. If none are found, a message displays.

Site-wide licensed product order:

// Installation and Licensing Documentation // ANSYS, Inc. Licensing Guide // 3. License Administration Using ANSLIC_ADMIN //
3.1. Using the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility Specify Product Order

This option launches a utility that allows you to designate the order that the licensed products are listed in the Mechanical APDL launcher and the order in which licenses are tried in all applications. You first will need to select the product release. You can choose one of the following:

Release 11.0: Selecting this option affects the product ordering for Release 11.0 for this machine (including all users who run a Release 11.0 product on this machine or mount to this machine). If you select this option, the product ordering you specify will NOT affect any releases after 11.0.

Release 12.0 and higher: Selecting this option affects the product ordering for Releases 12.0 or later and is applicable ONLY if this machine is a license server machine. The product ordering you select with this option will affect all users who use this machine as a license server machine.

After you choose a release level, click OK. You will then need to select the installation directory (Release 11.0 only), product category (Solver, PrepPost, or Geometry). To re-order the products, select a product and click the Move up or Move down button. When you have finished reordering all products that you wish to reorder, click Save and then Close.

All products available in a given category are shown, regardless of whether you have licenses for them.

If you have made changes to your product ordering, you can return the settings to the default state by selecting the Reset to Default button.

For Release 12.0 and higher, after making changes to the product order (including resetting to the default), you will need to reread the license or restart the license manager for the changes to take effect.

Only those logged in as root or superuser (UNIX/Linux) or with administrative privileges (Windows) can use this utility. You should set the product order before any of the users at your site run; once a user sets his preferences, the user preferences will take precedence.

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