Failed to load addin Ansys.Simulation.Core.Addin from location <install_dir>v140Addins/Simulation/bin/Win64//Ans.Simulation.Core.dll. This addin will be skipped.: The given configuration file path does not exist!

This error occurs when the following file is missing: %AWP_ROOT140%aisolbinwinx64SolverInventory.xml.
Note: %AWP_ROOT140% translates to "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv140" if installed in default path.

This affects only ANSYS R14.0 and is addressed in Defect ID DE33062.
This is resolved in 14.5 (Currently not available at time of this writing - 9/6/2012).

The following is a workaround until 14.5 is released:

1. Reinstall the software

2. Browse to %AWP_ROOT140%aisolbinwinx64 and copy the SolverInventory.xml file to SolverInventory.bak.xml

If the problem occurs again, please do the following:

1. Update your Service Request with the exact steps/events that led to the problem, in an effort to assist with isolating the cause.

2. Close all ANSYS applications.

3. Copy the file from %AWP_ROOT140%aisolbinwinx64SolverInventory.bak.xml to SolverInventory.xml (to avoid another lengthy reinstallation).

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