Cannot initialize RDMA Protocol

HPMPI has dropped support for Mellanox VAPI in v2.2.5 and has officially removed it from the library search list in v2.3 and higher versions. Thus, Platform MPI v7.0 used in R13.0 and 14.0 doesn't look for VAPI.


export MPI_IC_ORDER="VAPI" or edit the file ansys_inc/v140/fluent/ fluent14.0/multiport/mpi/ lnamd64/hp/etc/hpmpi.conf and add vapi to the list:

MPI_IC_ORDER = "$MPI_IC_ORDER:psm:ibv: vapi: ud apl:itapi:mx:gm:elan:tcp"


Install OFED drivers which uses IBV protocol to run on Infiniband.

keywords: FLUENT

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