We had a customer support call (Wittgenstein AG, Igersheim)
from which we derived the following problem with plane223 in ANSYS 14:
A simple model run in 3D and 2D, with frictional heating, using solid226 (3D) and plane223 (2D) respectively has "remote displacement" boundary conditions + rigid and Large Deflection "on". Solid226 works fine, but plane223 stops in the first iteration with an error

" *** ERROR *** CP = 2.964 TIME= 09:43:21
Some of the element based thermal loads may be inappropriate. Check
applied element loads carefully. Ensure that film coefficients and
bulk temperatures are always positive. "

What is wrong with plane223?

This was a code defect (CR044772) that has been corrected for R14.5.
The work aorund in R14.0 for this particular test case is to replace the remote displacement boundary condition with a direct displacment boundary condition.

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