How do you run ANSYS Workbench executables on Unix/Linux?

For ANSYS Workbench on Linux, the executables seem to be Windows executables, and do not run directly on Linux.


[root@cae bin]# ./rsm.exe -s RSMConfigBackup.xml
-bash: ./rsm.exe: cannot execute binary file [root@cae bin]# [root@cae
bin]# pwd /opt/local/ansys_inc/v140/RSM/bin [root@cae bin]#

In Unix/Linux, we always provide corresponding shell scripts to do the same
thing as the Windows executables.

Check v140RSMConfigtoolslinux folder.

For example, running ...
<ansys_install_dir>/v140/RSM/bin/rsm.exe on Windows is equivalent to running
<ansys_install_dir>v140RSMConfigtoolslinuxrsmutils shell script.

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