Clarification of the RSM functions "Job Cleanup Period" and "Delete Job Files in Working Directory".

The "Job Cleanup Period" is when the jobs get removed from the list (about 1hr)

The "Delete Job Files in Working Directory"
should always be enabled unless you are troubleshooting, or unless you use your own auto cleanup (for the tmp folder).

"Delete Job Files in Working Directory" determines whether the temporary job subdirectories created in the Compute Server Working Directory are deleted upon completion of the associated job.

If the Compute Server is running on the same machine as the Solve Manager, then the job runs directly in the Solve Manager`s project directory as an optimization. Otherwise, the Compute Server creates a temporary directory in the location defined in the Working Directory property on the General tab of the Compute Server Properties dialog. If the Working Directory property is left blank, the system TMP variable is used. When the job is complete, output files are immediately copied back to the Solve Manager's Project Directory. If the "Delete Job Files in Working Directory" check box of the Compute Server Properties dialog is deselected, the temporary directory is then deleted.

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