Is there any way to do a clean stop interrupt on a batch solve job running on a Linux system, while still preserving the simulation results?

Desktopproxy.exe was added to HFSS 13 and newer, as well as Maxwell 14 and newer releases. You can use this to abort non-graphical or even remote jobs cleanly, as long as you can access project file.

Syntax: desktoproxy -abort <project-path>

The behavior (e.g. saving the results computed so far) should be same as if you interactively aborted an HFSS solve.

Some of the known issues: if HFSS is 'busy' (e.g. doing optimetrics calculation or computing a report), abort (using desktopproxy) might take a long time.
And if you don't have patience and force kill it (e.g. by using 'bkill -s SIGTERM <jobid>), there is a chance of losing results.

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